Module Archimedes.Marker

module Marker: sig .. end
Module handling point styles and marks.

exception Error of string
Raised for undefined point styles.
type name = string 
Point styles are identified by strings.
val add : name:name ->
(Archimedes.Backend.t -> unit) -> Archimedes.Matrix.rectangle -> unit
add name f extents adds to the existing point styles, a new point style, referenced under the name name. This point style is made using the function f; the extents it takes is given by extents. The behaviour of adding a new point style whose name is already used by another is the same as the core Map.S.add (that is, the previous binding disappears).
val names : unit -> name list
Returns a list of all names currently declared.

By default, the following marks are defined (a short explanation is given if the mark is not clear from the string):